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June 2012 Newsletter

Hey ya’ll. We’ve got a few changes at the store we wanted to get everybody up to date on. Don’t worry, all good things!

First off, we’ve decided to give a new brand of dog food a try. When we bring new products into the store, we always want to make sure #1 its good quality and #2 its affordable. So we’ve researched, we’ve contemplated, we’ve asked the shop dogs to taste test (it didn’t take much convincing…). And so far it looks like we’ve got a winner!

So to add to our Canidae, Taste of the Wild & Azmira trio we are trying out Victor’s Grain Free ALS dry dog food at the shop. To see how it stacks up against competitors take a look at our dog food comparison chart. We think you’ll be surprised. We’re also working on adding their Chicken and Rice and possibly a Salmon and Sweet Potato combo too.

Also, from Memorial Day to Labor Day we’ll be featuring a summer long discount. That is $2 off any self service grooming package and $3 off any full service grooming package. Just mention you were on the website and you’d like the summer discount, and it’s yours!

And finally, if you’re in the market for a new pet, we urge you to make Pima Animal Care Center your first stop. PACC is constantly swamped with animals needing new homes but summer time especially seems to leave the shelter overflowing with dogs that need some place to go. They have everything from puppies to seniors, purebred cocker spaniels to a Heinz 57 you couldn’t figure out it you tried.

This month’s PACC pet of the month is Faith. She has been at PACC since March, constantly looked over despite her sweetheart of a temperament. We think it’s because pretty girl Faith just doesn’t show well. She can be a bit shy at first and a little unsure but give her a little bit of time and space and she warms right up. Plus, how can you say no to those ears?

She’d probably do best in a mellow home, so if you’re looking for a laid back pooch to share your indoor Tucson summer with, we urge you to take a trip down to PACC and see if Faith might be the one for you. She gets on great with other dogs. Just the fact that she’s been at PACC for so long and been involved in zero dog fights is a testament to her patient and tolerant temperament.

Faith’s animal ID number is A369283. Make sure to take this with you to the shelter so the staff and volunteers can help you find her!

Thanks so much for reading and keep cool out there. We’ll be posting about another exciting adoption event soon, this one complete with doggie Zumba, fashion shows and live music. So keep us on your radar for some summer fun geared to a great cause!


Monsoon Muttness 2012

Spike and Chester’s is happy to participate in this year’s Monsoon Muttness held over at Pima Animal Care Center to support the homeless dogs and cats waiting to find their forever homes. This year the event is held on Saturday, May 19th. It’s used as both a fundraiser and an adoption event, so along with many adoptable dogs (at reduced adoption prices) there will be games, raffles, goodie bags, demonstrations and free food & entertainment. We’ve even donated a few gift certificates, so be on the lookout!

Pima Animal Care Center is located just a few minutes south of Spike and Chester’s off of Silverbell on the west side of the highway. We encourage you to take your family down, have some fun and make a dog’s day. Remember if you adopt any PACC pup you have up to a month to redeem your free $16 dollar basic bath on us. Consider it our thank you for saving a life.

If you’re unsure about the idea of adopting a shelter dog here’s a quick link about adopting vs buying. Shelter dogs make some of the most rewarding family pets around and they come in all shapes and sizes!

May 2012 Newsletter

Spike and Chester’s is preparing for our summer blues. When all of our seasonal visitors pack up for home and leave us with stories of coastal weather and 70 degree summers. Even our shop dogs aren’t fairing well with the summer heat. Sadly, we’re not going anywhere and neither are they. We’re here to brave Tucson’s 6 months of summer with our regulars.

 So don’t leave us lonely, bring the dogs in for a quick and refreshing bath in our air conditioned shop. Crack a joke about cooking dinner on the asphalt. And help your furry friends out with a summer shave down or blow dry. Both are excellent ways to reduce shedding and keep your pets cool for the hot months ahead of us.

Another sad consequence of summer is that PACC is overrun with loving dogs in need of loving homes. This month’s PACC Pet of the Month is Flower, a black & white Pittie mix that has been at the shelter since February.

None of us can quite figure out why. She’s sweet as can be, a manageable medium sized dog, not to mention absolutely gorgeous. Sadly this little girl was a cruelty case and by the looks of things was a breeder dog in her previous life. We’d love to see Flower’s life turn around and the sooner the better. She’d do great with other dogs or as an only, so long as she’s got a human family to interact with and love on.

For this months’ coupon, just mention you want the Flower Discount and you’ll get $2.00 off of Spike and Chester’s Snip & Clip self service package. Please note this discount is not combinable with any other offers and expires May 31st 2012.

Flower’s Animal ID # is A368957. Make sure to take this number down to PACC so the volunteers and staff can help you find her. And as always, if you’re the lucky family that gets to adopt this diamond in the rough, please bring her in for a Free Self Serve No Bones Basic Bath on us (up to a month after her rescue).

April 2012 Newsletter

April 2012 Newsletter

Welcome to Spike and Chester’s brand new blog page! In the future, we’ll be using this website in conjunction with our facebook page to send out updates and coupons to our loyal customers.

 Please be aware that the shop will be closed Palm Sunday (April 1st), as well as Easter Sunday (April 8th). On Good Friday (April 6th) we will be open from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

 As flea and tick season starts, we recommend you start giving your pet’s coat a thorough onceover every couple days to make sure that if fleas or ticks start to take hold you can nip the problem in the bud and avoid both the price and the health risks of an infestation. If you find that your dog is already carrying a few unwanted visitors we do have an excellent flea and tick shampoo available with our $18 Critter Buster Self Serve Package as well as topical monthly flea and tick control and diatomaceous earth to sprinkle in your backyard and/or around your pets bedding.

PACC Pet of the Month

Our April boy is Mr. Otis. This sweet kiddo is a beautiful brindle Pit/Mastiff mix and he’s got the droopy eyes to prove it. Mr. Otis has been through the ringer at Pima Animal Care Center. His first trip through he got sick with an upper respiratory infection and had to wait out his illness in sickbay. Tougher than most, Mr. Otis got over his URI in record time and was put back on the adoption line only to have to wait another month to be taken to what he thought was his forever home. Sadly Mr. Otis was returned several weeks ago because the family’s living situations changed and they couldn’t keep him anymore.

 Now he’s left waiting again. Mr. Otis is as affectionate as they come. He loves to play with both humans and canine companions and whatever toy you’ve got lying around for him. Just make sure he knows the difference between your favorite pair of heels and his rawhide bone!

 We would love one of our customers to adopt this sweet boy. Your first basic bath is on us w/ this kiddo, we know he’d love to get the smell of PACC off of him! And we’d love to see him out and about with his new family. If you, or anybody you know, is looking for a new addition please consider Mr. Otis. Make sure to bring his animal ID # A359561 with you to the shelter so the staff/volunteers can help you find him!  

Thanks for following us over to the new webpage. We’d love to hear what you think of it all and we look forward to seeing you!

In The Beginning

The beginning of Spike and Chester’s, as a blog page, is an effort to form an online community from our varied but ultimately similar clientele. From the full service groom customers that know the ins and outs of poodle cuts and pamper their furkids with sweaters and bows to our self service customers who come in to give their mix breed a quick rinse after a weekend spent camping in the Arizona dirt. No matter the dog we call our own, we’re a community of dog owners, dog lovers, and dog best friends and we thought we’d like to create an online place to celebrate that common bond.

We hope you’ll check in to see what we’re up to and add your own thoughts and stories into the mix. We’ll also be broadcasting our Monthly Newsletter from this webpage instead of through email, so make sure to look us up towards the beginning/end of the month to see what deals we’ve got going on at the shop.

Thank you all for the continued support and we hope to see you and your pups soon!